Affordable Lice Removal Service in the Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas

Lousy Lice is a mobile head lice service, founded by a Quality Assurance professional.

We offer professional, confidential, and complete in-home head lice treatment and head lice removal services, using all-natural products and the most effective professional head lice removal methods and tools available today.

Our Lice Treatment Specialists have passion for the head lice removal services we provide and respect that it’s your hard-earned money paying for our services.

We don’t take over your home with unnecessary “home sanitizing” services, nor do we use gimmicky gadgets as a short cut to effective head lice removal.

Our Specialists will quickly and accurately screen all family members then treat those affected efficiently and thoroughly with our pesticide free, Eco-friendly lice treatment products. All the while, our Lousy Lice Specialist will educate and train you, so you can actually prevent future infestations.

Winnipeg & Surrounding Areas | 204-541-0263

For Do It Yourself Lice Removal Product Options, visit SayNo2Lice