School/Daycare Head Check and Consulting Program

Lousy Lice provides services associated with lice removal as well as educational services to schools, daycare, camps and sports teams among others. All screening are conducted individually and our clients information is kept confidential.

$99.00 Service Fee | $2.00 per head check | *minimum service charge $200.00

After scheduling an appointment with school officials, a letter informing parents of the day will be send home with your child.

  1. Each child at the school is checked by Lousy Lice experienced consultant.
  2. If lice/nits are found, consultant marks that information on a list. The marking takes place in full confidentiality. Your child as well as the other children will never know what, if anything was found on their heads until the moment they arrive at home.
  3. All head verification forms are left with the school office and parents are contacted by the school office. A member of the Lousy Lice Team can remain on the site in case any parents/guardians would like to discuss the options and ideas of how to get rid of the lice from their child’s head.

Please NOTE:

Our consultants do Not wear latex gloves due to potential allergies and pulling sensation on the hair. We maintain strict sanitation policy and the possibility of lice transfer from a consultant to a student is extremely low.

Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas | 1-204-541-0263